The register of german-speaking entomologists and arachnologists

Geisthardt, M. (2006): Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Entomologen & Arachnologen. Arbeitsgebiete: Biologie, Faunistik, Taxonomie.
DGaaE-Nachrichten, Suppl. 1, 4. Aufl., 297 S., Darmstadt.


DGaaE members receive the register for free. Non-members can order it from the DGaaE office for 10,00 € and pay the sum on open account.

Exceedingly positive feedback to the earlier issues of the register demonstrates the great demand for indexes of this sort. The register of German-speaking entomologists and arachnologists seems (as many colleagues state) to become an important lexicon, promoting not only information but also communication. The 4th issue of the register includes:

  • Alphabetic index of ca. 1.475 entomologists and arachnologists, with postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, arthropod groups expertise and special interests
  • Systematic review of arthropod orders and the specialists working on them
  • Systematic review of (super)families and the specialists working on them

Please check if your information is (still) correct. If you are (still) not included in the register, please submit your data via email or post. You are also very welcome to pass over this call for information on those colleagues that are not yet included. The register can only be held complete and up-to-date by constant record keeping. A pdf form for entry changes or a new entry can be downloaded from the website of IEV; it also can be ordered from Dr. Geisthardt, who is the record-keeper:

Dr. Michael Geisthardt
Rathenaustraße 9 B
D-61184 Karben-Petterweil / Germany
Tel.: 06039/4 85 91 98