Prof. Dr. Günter Schaub,
AG Zoologie/Parasitologie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum,
44780 Bochum, Tel. 0234 / 3224587, Fax 0234 / 3214787

Medical arachnoentomology

Emergence of the study group

The study group was initiated by arachnoentomologists and parasitologists of the Parasitological Society of GDR: it appeared 1962 as the arachnoentomological section, later section of arachnoentomology and vectors. It was managed 1962-65 by Lothar Britz, 1965-79 by Hubert Schumann, 1979-90 by Peter Müller.

The diptera study group was managed 1963-90 by Hubert Schumann, the pesticide and reppelent group (later: control methods and agents group) 1963-79 by Peter Müller, 1979-90 by Friedrich Coch, the study group Acarina (later: ectoparasite group) 1968-90 by Regine Ribbeck.

After the reunification of Germany, the study group was reanimated by the efforts of Regine Ribbeck and Walter Maier: the first meeting – now organized by DGP and DGaaE – was held 1993 in Bonn.

After the retirement of Walter Maier, Günter Schaub became the manager of the study group.

Topics and activities

The focus of the group is built by arthropods of medicinal and veterinary importance. Their role as pathogens (ectoparasites) and carriers (vectors) makes them interesting “by nature” for parasitologists and physicians. On the other hand, their biology, taxonomy and ecology occupy entomologists. The meeting of members from two mother-societies DGP (German Parasitological Society) and DGaaE enables an interdisciplinary exchange of information.

The meetings include a practical part in the afternoon of the first day, mostly species identification. The amount of participants this day is restricted, depending on the capacities of the organizer. The next morning is dedicated to oral reports; here the number of participants is not limited. If the subject is fitting, the meeting is completed by an excursion on the afternoon.

The meetings are organized by the respective hosts and are held according to their own conceptions. The host(s) of the next meeting is/are also determined during the meetings of the study group. Since 1993, the hosts were Walter Maier and Günter Nadel (1993, Bonn), Regine Ribbeck and Ronald Schmäschke (1994, Leipzig), Brigitte Frank (1995, Stuttgart-Hohenheim), Günter Schaub and Reiner Pospischil (1997, Cologne and Monheim), Norbert Becker and Walter Maier (1998, Waldsee and Heidelberg), Ronald Schmäschke (1999, Leipzig), Birgit Habedank (2000, Berlin), Helge Kampen (2001, Bonn), Reiner Pospischil and Günter Schaub (2002, Bochum).

A congress is held annually, mostly in September or October.