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Lehrstuhl für Tierökologie, WZW, Technische Universität München.
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Neuroptera study group


The neuroptera study group is conceived as a forum for all neuropterologists, both professional and amateur, of the German-speaking countries. The meetings of the group are held once in 2 years (or by way of exception, annually) at the congress center Schloss Schwanberg near Iphofen. In addition to information exchange, the most important goal of the meetings is to provide a contact point between persons interested in neuropterans and professional neuropterologists. Furthermore, we pursue the goal of integration of amateur entomologists who are interested in local faunistics. The study group keeps a record of German-speaking neuropterologists and compiles a bibliography on Neuropterida. Beyond that, we provide or mediate help with identification of neuropterid species. The study group tries to establish Neuropterida as an object of entomological research.



The abstracts of the contributions to the meetings of the group are published in DGaaE-Nachrichten (DGaaE-News)   (2005: DGaaE-Nachrichten 19(3), SS. 137-150; 2007: DGaaE-Nachrichten 21(3), SS. 128-147;  2009: DGaaE-Nachrichten 23(2), SS. 72-90; 2011: Mitt. Dtsch. Ges. allg. angew. Ent. 18;  2012: DGaaE-Nachrichten 27(1)).



The last meeting of the group was held 21.-23.06.2013 at the congress center Schloss Schwanberg near Iphofen. Those DGaaE members who are interested in participating are very welcome to attend to future meetings!

Axel Gruppe, Freising



Members of the study group during the congress, 2012




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