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Prof. Dr. Jes Rust,
Universität Bonn, Institut für Paläontologie,
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The idea to create a study group on paleoentomology was born in an intimate discussion at the Entomological Congress of the DGaaE 1999 in Basel. The main focus was to be on the fossil insects in amber. From then on, an amber workshop was present at every subsequent Congress except Göttingen 2009: Düsseldorf 2001, Halle (Saale) 2003, Dresden 2005, Innsbruck 2007, Berlin 2011 and the latest 6. Amber Workshop in Göttingen 2013. Initially, interesting Baltic amber inclusions were demonstrated and identification assistance provided, in addition to oral reports. Nowadays the Amber Workshop is concentrating on reports covering a broad spectrum of fossil insect from different amber deposits and geological periods. 6 to 12 talks are visited by 30-40 attendants.


The growing interest of paleontologists for entomology culminated in a further paleoentomological meeting at Steinmann Institute of Geology, Mineralogy and Paleontology at Bonn University, after the appointment of Professor Jes Rust. The first Bonn Paleoentomological Meeting took place 2004; in the fall 2012 it was the 8. The average of 15 oral reports and 30-40 participants makes the annual Bonn Meeting a successful complement to the Amber Workshop at the Entomological Congresses. The Bonn Paleoentomological Meeting transcends the scope of the Amber Workshop and embraces all aspects of the fossil arthropod research.


Both meetings are organized by the paleoentomology study group and are always open for all entomologists and paleontologists and everyone who is interested in fossil insects and research on them. Both meetings are regularly announced and their results are reported on this website.  

Wilfried Wichard