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Practical entomology and museum entomology

It is often necessary for an entomologist to make preparations and store them in a proper way. Basically, the task here is to prevent the natural decay of the objects by preparation and conservation – but at the same time to preserve their authenticity that enables reasonable scientific work with the objects. On the other hand, an entomologist can be confronted with cases when insufficiently prepared of wrongly stored material has already been damaged. In all these cases s/he needs special preparation or conservation techniques to restore the biological objects. These are very variable and may depend on the concrete application.

The study group was organized in order to inspire information exchange on those topics and to create a contact platform for this exchange.

The study group is organized by DGaaE, but coworkers and interested persons do not necessarily need to be members of the society. Rather, the group addresses all who apply organismic approach in entomology and are interested on appropriate methods of collection, proper storage and accommodation of their research objects – as e.g. faunists and taxonomists as well as scientific collections staff – curators, preparators and collection managers. But also teachers and environmental educators who want to produce their own demonstrational preparations or are charged with care of older collections. Last not least, the students who have to deposit voucher specimens in course of their work. It is absolutely not essential if you are an amateur of a professional.

1 or 2 meeting per year are planned, where selected topics of practical entomology are to be treated in brief oral reports, but above all personal experiences with different methods, law foundations and manufacturers of entomological equipment can be shared in personal discussions.

If you are interested in the study group or would like to make a contribution, please do not hesitate to contact me (s. the contact information above).

Joachim Händel