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AK Zoologische Diagnostik

The study group on zoological diagnostics is alive, and here we come again! All beginnings were difficult, but now the fast information system for diagnostic questions and biological data on phytopathologically important arthropods and nematodes is going to be expanded in detail – with your ideas, too. It is a study group of the German Society of General and Applied Entomology, but it is also open for those who are not members of the society. (The composition of the study group as a pdf-file).

Not another study group, please!

We already have enough good groups in DGaaE, DPG, at institutes and professional associations, a diagnostician’s day is fully occupied. The study group on zoological diagnostics would like not to make the burden worse, but:

- to be a forum for fast information exchange on diagnostics of plants, parasitic species and also of newly emerged, invasive or otherwise economically important arthropods or nematodes

- unite diagnosticians from different institutes and thus enable synergetic effects

- mediate contacts for urgent identification problems and background informations

- make good information sources (scientific literature, in-depth knowledge and methods) available to all diagnosticians

Diagnosticians are an endangered species

It doesn’t have to be so! Aren’t we all interested in a trend reversal? Diagnostics is the basis of decision-making (in research, law regulations, procedures). The study group on zoological diagnostics would like to make its contribution to

- promotion of this concept among the decision-makers and make it more transparent for the general public

- unification of many “lone warriors” of diagnostics to a strong community

- an exchange of experience between noobs and seasoned diagnosticians

Optimistic view… but what about its realization?

Every beginning is hard. But we shall go on after the jumpstart. Maybe it will be just small steps and a great challenge for the first. The study group on zoological diagnostics would not like to enforce activities, but to benefit from the richness of scientific ideas of its members. Corporate meetings are desirable and organizationally necessary, but should be managed according to current requirements. The starting signal is given; whoever has more ideas: bring them forth, for now we have to deal with the details where the devil is. Let us all together promote the study group zoological diagnostics!